Gai’s Blog after her stay at Highgrove Stud to Inspect the 2012 MM Yearlings

 I love this time of year when we visit the farms and last night was a hoot. One of the highlights of our trip was our stay at Highgrove Stud ( Ron and Debbie Gilbert take great pleasure in showing us their beautiful yearlings and then treating us to one almighty meal which is washed down with some excellent wines. And for the girls a manicure is thrown in. Sorry Bruce!

Lea and I were secretly looking forward to it and were hoping Ron hadn’t forgot about it. The food, wine and manicures are great treats but the biggest treats are in the paddocks. Ron’s recently bought some mares and is turning his stud into the number one farm in Queensland. He explains to me that it costs $X to run the place, $Y to buy the horses and I need “…” to make a profit, and that’s exactly what Highgrove Stud does. They make a profit because they have quality yearlings.

Last night my room over looked the paddock where a half brother to Wanted is. This youngster who’ll be seen at the Easter sales next year grazed away peacefully as I watched. Ron said that his job is to get them well fed and rested. “I have four mares in the paddock and five feeders”. All I can tell you as a trainer is that it certainly produces the goods. Gordon, who is the stud manager is a most capable chap, has great credentials and has the horses looking in excellent order. “

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